Are You So Bad?

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  1. Check all that apply.

    1. I have considered ordering dessert.

    2. I have asked for a dessert menu.

    3. I’m thinking about dessert right now.

    4. I like eating dessert.

    5. I have eaten a dessert and enjoyed it.

    6. I have eaten dessert today.

    7. I have eaten two dessert-like items in the same day.

    8. I have eaten three or more dessert-like items in one day, possibly in one handful.

    9. I have referred to a dessert item as being “like crack.”

    10. I have ordered an alcoholic drink at brunch.

    11. I have ordered multiple alcoholic drinks at brunch.

    12. I have flirted with the waiter.

    13. I have laughed at a joke that was made at another person’s expense.

    14. I have made a joke at another person’s expense.

    15. I skipped the gym today.

    16. I have eaten solid food during a juice cleanse.

    17. I have eaten French fries before.

    18. I have said yes to whipped cream.

    19. I have used the word “naughty” in a non-sexual way.

    20. I have referred to someone as my “partner in crime.”

Are You So Bad?

  1. You are SO good. How do you do it???


  2. You are SO bad! Stop it! No you stop it! You’ve been very bad. Where are the police? You belong in SO-bad prison because you are SO BAD.



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