The 10 Best Directioner Reactions To 1D’s New Album Announcement

1. One Direction announced their highly-anticipated fourth album *and* released a new song for free this morning. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

Columbia Records, RJ Shaughnessy

2. Your favorite British boys pulled a Beyonce and surprisingly announced that their next album Four will be released November 17, 2014, and you can pre-order it TODAY.

Columbia Records, RJ Shaughnessy

3. But since they realized we’d all go crazy having to wait that long for new music, they’re offering fans a free download of “Fireproof” — a new track off the album — for the next 24 hours.

Do your ears a favor and download it.

4. Naturally, this shocking and life-changing announcement caused the 1D fandom to freak the freak out. Here are 10 of the best reactions:


Columbia Records / Via

*listens to Fireproof on repeat for the next 87 hours*

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