What Happened to This Dog Made My Stomach Turn. Thank Goodness For The Ending.

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If you remember the classic 90s movie Homeward Bound (and you should), you’ll remember one of the animals had an encounter with a porcupine. The tense scene shows Chance getting attacked by a grumpy little porcupine, leaving quills in his face (and rendering me terrified of porcupines for the rest of my life). Well, when that happens in real life, it’s about 25x more terrifying and looks like a scene from a gruesome horror movie.

Bella Mae the bulldog came face-to-face (or face-to-quilled-tail) with a porcupine at her home.

Emergency Animal Center

Bella got a little too close to the wild creature, with attacked with full force. Her owners had to rush her into the emergency animal care.

Emergency Animal Center

Vets had to perform emergency surgery to remove the quills from her face; they also found quills lodged in her mouth and feet.

They believe over 500 quills were embedded in poor Bella.

Emergency Animal Center

Most of the quills were removed, but in case there are any left, the dog will be on medication and under medical supervision.

Emergency Animal Center

Dr. Leonardo Baez at the Animal Emergency Center in Oklahoma City said he has never seen a case that bad, especially from an animal that lived in a densely populated area.

So be careful when you let your pets outside.

Not every scent they go sniffing after will lead to a happy ending.

Emergency Animal Center

Thankfully, Bella will be okay. The Noles children were shaken by the attack, but they are recovering, too, now that they see their dog is back to normal. Source: News9 So learn your lesson: do not stick your face anywhere near a porcupine.

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