25 Signs You’re Obsessed With “Bob’s Burgers”

1. You’ve eagerly pointed out puns when you catch them, like on the burger board or the pest control company.




I’d like one chorizo adventure, please, and then let’s go to the store next door.

2. You’ve told someone to not have a crap attack or to not be such a boob punch.

Fox / Via shaggybevo.com

Your 3 is grass.

3. You get upset when someone you love and respect hasn’t seen the show yet.

Fox / Via shaggybevo.com

Or worse, “only seen a few episodes.” That’s like stopping after eating one Pringle!

4. You’ve incorporated their respective phrases into your lexicon.




And even have a special way of typing Linda’s “wow” in texts (“waaaaaaaw!”).

5. You don’t pronounce “Brazil” normally anymore.


Thanks to Jairo the capoeira instructor.

6. And refer to tampons as t-pons.


Because it floats your scrote.

7. You feel a deep connection with Linda.

Fox / Via rebloggy.com

She seems easygoing — until you provoke her.

8. Especially her drinking habits.

The only drinking problem you have is that you don’t have a friggin’ drink in your hand.

9. You’ve used the Prince of Persuasia’s techniques.

Fox / Via hulu.tumblr.com

Because you know his tactics will release a hormone deep inside your princess’ body called “insatia.” It makes women ovulate…for sex!

10. But you know the real lady parts.

Fox / Via tumblr.com

Tell them, Tina.

11. You also know that butts are beautiful.



Especially when they’re in a hallucinogenic sequence a la Dumbo.

12. Actually you haven’t looked at butts the same way since.


That’s going in the butt bank.

13. You have all the words to the Thanksgiving song memorized.




Pass the cranberry sauce, we’re having mashed potatoes!

14. On second thought, you know all of the words to all of the songs.




You have been known to sing “The Mad Pooper” at your dog, and you completely agree with Gene about snakes. (It’s not OK.)

15. And you temporarily lose your mind when real bands cover them.

Here’s the National covering Linda’s Thanksgiving song.

16. You reference Boyz4Now more than you do Boyz II Men.

Even though Boo Boo still needs a booster seat, from his big-boy head to his big-boy feet.

17. It took you a while to adjust from H. Jon Benjamin voicing secret agent Archer.



And your brain exploded when the Belchers made a crossover appearance on Archer.

18. You watch John Roberts’ YouTube videos and pretend he’s Linda.

Clay Weiner / Via youtube.com

Because he was Linda even before Bob’s Burgers.

19. You’ve made something related to the show, like a Halloween or cosplay costume.

Kasia Galazka / BuzzFeed

Or a Pin-the-Butt-on-the-Tina bachelorette party game.

20. You get unreasonably excited when you get a pop culture reference.


Like this nod to Hayao Miyazaki’s My Neighbor Totoro.

21. And crack up at their terribly sung covers.

The parodies are amazing, too, like Cyndi Lauper singing “Taffy Butt,” which is a rendition of 1985’s “The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough.”

22. You have a deep respect for the voice actors.


And try to guess which comedian voices the new guest character. Here’s some of the talent that has graced the show: Sarah Silverman, Jenny Slate, Aziz Ansari, Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally, Ben Schwartz, David Wain, and Rob Huebel.

23. You have it on all the time because it makes you feel cozy.




And can’t bring yourself to turn it off early because the credits are always adorable.

24. And you really want your marriage to be like Bob and Linda’s.


They bicker sometimes, but they would do anything for one another.

25. Because the Belchers are the best family on television.



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