You’ve Probably Heard Of These Urban Legends, But Did You Know They Were True?

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These urban legends are a bit like ultimate trivia contests: both have details that seem unbelievable. The difference between the two is that these urban legends are all true and they’ll blow you away.

Especially #2. How in the world is that TRUE?!?

1.) Only the lawyers won here.

A waitress in Panama City, Florida was really duped over by her manager, who promised his staff a brand new Toyota for whoever sold the most beer during a contest. After winning, he blindfolded her and drove her to the parking lot where she was given a toy version Toyota. Needless to say, a lawsuit followed.

2.) Really, Japan?

3.) If it’s good enough for the Greatest Generation(s)…

4.) How hard is it to get a credit card?

A man, tired of unwanted credit cards offers being mailed to him, called and asked for them to stop. When they didn’t get the message, he wrote “Never waste a tree” on one for the name and mailed it back. Somehow they missed the inherent joke and issued the card to Never Waste Tree. The mailer declined to use the card.

5.) Water, the next terrorist weapon of choice.

Boiling water in the microwave is a great way to build the world’s most unlikely explosive device. Although difficult to achieve, and requiring perfect conditions, it can blow up in your microwave. To avoid this, just throw a wooden spoon in there though to save yourself!

6.) Disney hates hair, who knew?

Disney theme parks used to have a ban on visitors and employees with long hair (an unofficial dress code). This bad was lifted in the later parts of the 20th century after either a string of films showcasing characters with long hair, or maybe just after finally coming to their senses and realizing they already let women with long hair into their parks.

7.) A voice fit for radio – The Long Ranger rides again!

Back when the Lone Ranger had children glued to their radio sets, tragedy occurred. The actor who plated the titular character suddenly died. Rather than disappoint children across America, producers gave the Lone Ranger a throat injury and for several weeks only allowed him to speak in grunts and other characters relaying his words. When we spoke again several weeks later, most kids forgot what he sounded like before.

8.) Your burger isn’t worth $10 million dollars.

9.) We have no (Chinese) words.

10.) We were better without knowing that.

11.) Fake-death gate.

12.) Well, that backfired.

13.) Because the Simpson did EVERYTHING first.

14.) So, the King crowned himself?

15.) Irony, you’re a fickle beast.

(via eBaum’s World)

So, uh… who was in charge of handing out permits for underwear in Japan? That sounds like an interesting job.

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