33 Things You Can Turn Into Chalkboards

Chalkboard paint and spray paint are some of the trendiest crafting tools right now. Easy to use (check out these tips for applying and priming) and you can cover just about anything with them. Check out these original ideas for home decor, gifts, and just about anything.

2. 1. Fridge

Fort he true chalkboard enthusiast — cover the whole fridge! Like this crafty lady.

3. 2. Dresser

Might help you keep those drawers organized. As seen here.

4. 3. Chair

Who needs name tags when you can personalize your chairs? As seen on this delightful blog.

5. 4. Cake

As pretty as the real thing, but it will last a lot longer. Find a tutorial here.

6. 5. Gumball Machine

Fun gift idea. Made by this clever blogger.

7. 6. Lampshade

Not super practical, but it definitely looks cool. Made by this crafty blogger.

8. 7. Door Hanger

Keep people out with cute decor. As seen on this blog post.

9. 8. Scale

Great way to get your morning pep talk. Pinned here.

10. 9. Tablets

Perfect for to do lists. These ones are made from wood recycled from a 1918 High School bleacher. Found in this Etsy store.

11. 10. Cards

Keep this one in mind for Valentine’s day. Inspired by this shop.

12. 12. Gift Tins

Too late for Christmas, but these could make for fun New Year’s gifts. Check out the full tutorial here.

13. 13. Necklace

Never wear the same necklace twice. You can get the pendant here.

14. 14. Wall Calendar

Mix chalkboard paint to various shades of gray, then paint a grid on the wall. Find the full tutorial here.

15. 15. Jar Toppers

As if homemade jam wasn’t an awesome enough gift, personalize it with chalkboard jar toppers. See how this blogger did it.

16. 16. Globe

Cover the handle of an old globe, coat the globe in chalkboard spray paint, and decorate the world however you like. Check out these directions.

17. 17. Wine Glasses

Dip the base of wine glasses into chalkboard paint, dry, and use them to prevent germ sharing at your next cocktail party. Check out the easy directions here.

Make a clock from an old pot lid by covering it with chalkboard paint, then stenciling on the numbers. Full tutorial can be found here.

20. 19. Coasters

Cover ceramic tiles with chalkboard paint, then back them with felt. Great hostess gift idea, created by this blogger.

21. 20. Cheese Plate

To help you distinguish between Brie and Camembert. Find the tutorial here.

22. 21. Mugs

Mark off an area with painter’s tape, cover in with chalkboard paint, and doodle while you drink. If you bake these in the oven at 300 degrees for 35-40 minutes, they’ll be dishwasher and microwave safe! All the instructions can be found here.

23. 22. Pumps

The cheapest way to wear a new pair of shoes every day. See how to transform your old pumps here.

25. 23. Notebook

Transform an old composition notebook into a personalized journal with these easy steps.

26. 24. Headboard

Change your bed style whenever you like — or turn it into a lamp, landscape, whatever! See how these gals did it.

27. 25. Wreath

Cut a doughnut shape out of fiber board, coat with chalkboard paint, and decorate this year-round wreath for any season or holiday. Find a list of directions here.

28. 26. Knife Block

Paint a plain wooden knife block with chalkboard, then doodle and decorate. See all the steps here.

29. 27. Dining Table

Even better than paper table cloths — you can draw on the table itself. Made by this clever blogger.

30. 28. Eggs

These are papier mache eggs, but it might work on real ones as well (just don’t eat them afterward). Found on this pretty blog.

31. 29. Wine Bottles

Cute party decor! Find the tutorial here.

32. 28. Cupcake Toppers

Label them with flavors, initials, or doodles. Made by this blogger.

33. 29. Spoons

These would make for great plant markers (just don’t leave them out in the rain). Inspired by this Etsy seller.

34. 30. Fireplace

It won’t keep you warm, but it looks awesome. Created by this resourceful homemaker.

35. 31. Piggy Banks

These would make it easy to divvy up your savings. From this flickr stream.

36. 32. Aisle Runner

Not sure what this one says, but it’s so pretty it doesn’t matter. As seen on this blog.

37. 33. Stove Backsplash


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