23 Reasons Celine Dion Is The Biggest And Proudest Weirdo

1. First of all, her actions and reactions are never congruent or related to anything that’s happening at hand.

Watch any interview.

2. But they don’t need to. Because every moment…

3. …is outdone by the very next moment.

4. If you’ve been to any of her Vegas shows, you know she is completely unafraid.


There Celine goes again! All gangly pelvic-thrusting to the audience in a ball gown!

6. Nothing is off-limits.

7. She truly, sincerely believes Muppets are real, and talks about them like they are.

8. When other artists are twerking on-stage, Celine brings the baton.

9. She has a WATER PARK attached to her house.

Or, rather, a house attached to her water park.

10. And when asked why this is, she responded with:

13. Her response to a man’s viral parody video for “All By Myself” was sweet, thoughtful, and kind of weird.

“By the way, Richard, you are more than welcome to use my bathroom.”

14. She made sure to include the clip of herself shaving so we had an accurate portrayal of sexy.

15. She once interpreted a joke literally, and we all stood on the sidelines cringing for her.

16. She is excessive and extra.

17. Celine Dion’s entire existence was made to be GIFed.

18. Exhibit A: Celine vs. Water Bottle.

19. Here she is barking like a dog.

BuzzFeed / Via gawker.com

(Video starts around 0:40)

21. And here she is really vibing with Ne-Yo.

22. Because she’s the only melodramatic diva in the biz you’ll find strangely, awkwardly, and wonderfully endearing.

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