Expectation Vs. Reality: Living Your Life Day To Day

1. Expectation: When you tell your hairdresser to just take off an inch.

2. Expectation: When you swipe right on Tinder fully expecting a match notification.

3. Expectation: Playing your jam, completely unaware that you downloaded the clean version.

4. Expectation: When someone offers you grapes but doesn’t tell you that they bought the kind with seeds.

5. Expectation: When someone takes a photo of you with the flash on in broad daylight.

6. Expectation: When multiple people are taking photos of you at the same time and you don’t know where to look.

7. Expectation: When you get in an elevator and it goes down before it goes up.

8. Expectation: When you throw yourself on a couch thinking it’s going to be soft but it’s actually not.

9. Expectation: Everyone telling you that you’ve grown up into a beautiful young lady.


Getty Images Jason Merritt

10. Expectation: When someone tells you you look like that one famous person.

Getty Images Jason Merritt

11. Expectation: Singing along to the radio but starting on the wrong verse.


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